CANDDi uses five different ways to identify website visitors.  Our aim is that within 3 months CANDDi should be identifying between 15-20% of the visitors.

1 - Enquiry forms placed on the customers website that include name, email and contact number. This is opt in data that gets pulled through into your dashboard.

2 - CANDDi Capture this is placed as a 'pop up' enquiry form on the customers website. When filled in, a notification can be sent out in real time to the client. Again opt in data that CANDDi tracks.

3 - Email Campaigns like Mailchimp can be tracked to the individual.

4 - Links can be set up within Email signatures on your Outlook/Gmail with CANDDI plugin when liaising one to one with an individual.

5 - Inbound Phone calls - CANDDi working on


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