Unfortunately the CANDDi Outlook plugin doesn't yet work for Outlook for Mac. However, it's still possible to manually add tracking into these emails -- with a bit of work!

To get tracking to work, follow these steps:

Open Outlook for Mac and Create a new email
Write the email as normal (remember to insert links to your website etc...)

To add CANDDi tracking - highlight each link and click the "Add Link" button

In the Dialog box enter the URL you’d like to direct the recipient towards. Then, on the Querystring add the following parameters:

utm_source=outlook&utm_medium=email&ce=[The Email Address of the Recipient]
(see below image for an example)

For example, if you were sending a tracked link to me (Tim Langley - tim@canddi.com), then the link would look like this:


NOTE: if copy and pasting then PLEASE remember to change the https://www.canddi.com part to your own website

Have more questions? Contact us at hello@canddi.com or 0161 414 1080
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