CANDDi Capture is CANDDi’s own form that appears on your website. It is another method of identifying visitors to your site, and usually identifies 3-5 times more visitors than forms already on your site. You can customize the format and placement to fit your website.

This article is a guide to all our CANDDi Capture FAQs, which should cover any questions you might have about it. If we’ve missed anything or you need any more help, get in touch with us at 0161 414 1080 or

What’s this new pop-up on my website?

What is the Question? - CANDDi Capture

How to create a new Capture

How to customize CANDDi Capture

How to display CANDDi Capture on your homepage

Do pop-up blockers block CANDDi Capture?

Using geographically targeted CANDDi Capture to improve enquiry rates

Not seeing changes on Capture?

Multiple CANDDi Captures

Why does the Capture show someone else’s name?

How to put a delay on CANDDi Capture

Turning off your CANDDi Capture

Types of Answer
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