CANDDi now provides a plugin for your CRM which shows you an individual's profile from CANDDi. This also includes company information and a link to their profile in your dashboard.

The following instructions explain how to install:

Be sure you use Google Chrome for this, as the plugin is in the Chrome Extensions store. **Here's a link to download Chrome**

Go to the **Chrome Extension store** and click 'Add to Chrome'

You may need to restart Google Chrome

Log into your CRM and open up a contact/lead. You will see the following now appear:

This plugin will show the company and contact information associated with that lead.

'Web Activity' will also show you the contact's tags, downloads and also page views.

There's also a 'Company News' tab which also shows information on their company.

Finally, you can view the profile in full detail by clicking 'View Contact in CANDDi' and this profile will open in your dashboard

If you need any help on installing this, please contact us at or 0161 414 1080

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