You are now able to use CANDDi Download directly in the CANDDi email plugin.

If you haven't already installed the CANDDi email plugin, please [click here]( for the Gmail plugin or **click here** for the Outlook plugin.

Rather than going direct to CANDDi.Download, you can now upload PDFs and redirect links in the sidebar/live feed. Here's how to use this:

You'll now see a new icon as to where you can do this. Simply click on this icon, and you'll see where to upload

Here you can upload your PDF, redirect or even drag and drop the file

A link will then be generated. You can click on the clipboard sign and the link will be copied. You can then paste this where ever you'd like and CANDDi will track

If you need any assistance with this, please contact us at or 0161 414 1080

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