With CANDDi you can get a plugin for Outlook or Gmail to track your daily emails opens and clickthroughs:

How to install it on Gmail
How to install it on Outlook

Here is the plugin explained:

Gives you the number of emails sent, how many included the tracking (to check if it is tracking have a look at this FAQ)), how many were opened and how many people became identified through your email
Then in the list below you have a list of all the people that have opened your emails with the precise time when the action took place.
If a recipient clicked through your email, it will appear as it is in number 3. If not already identified, this will cause the person to become identified in CANDDi and it will add that activity in the activity log on their CANDDi profile; if already identified then CANDDi will add this activity to the profile.
Gives you the option to see a list view of all the emails opened and clicked through; or an individual view of a contact with a brief preview of their activity on the site and an option to see more in their CANDDi profile

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