This usually happens when there is a small bug on your website’s server, meaning that it won’t play nicely with CANDDi’s Outlook Plugin.

When the recipient clicks on the link within your email, they should see the web page followed by the four querystring parameters added onto the end of the links. This means that the CANDDi Outlook Plugin is working perfectly but something on the website isn't letting the Plugin do its job.

This error usually happens when the recipient clicks through the link and goes onto the website, but the website returns an error such as ‘Record not found’.

When testing your website with a combination of querystrings (keys and values) the values seem immaterial but the key is if they have more than TWO numbers next to each other, it can fail and produce an error. The encrypted parameters from CANDDi often have two numbers next to each other - hence they will fail if your website does not allow this.

It could possibly be a problem with the mod_rewrite on your server being mis-configured.

For more support on this please speak with your Account Developer in the first instance.

In the meantime we would recommend un-installing the CANDDi Outlook Plugin on any machines as any links it produces will fail.

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