You might have noticed an option on the top bar on your CANDDi dashboard that says Score.

Unlike ‘Lead Score’ which scores your prospects, CANDDi scores you as a business and how well you're doing with the system.

It is to be used as guidance as well as insight to where you might want to focus (e.g., driving traffic, assigning contacts, etc.).

The number 72 in the blue/grey is the number that tells you straight away how effectively you are using CANDDi; the higher the score, (and the more blue) the better!

The flowchart below then measures 3 things:
the traffic to your website
how many visitors get identified down to their names and contact details
how many of those contacts are then assigned to other CANDDi users

All of these measure your activity (e.g., digital marketing to drive and identify people, passing the contacts to your sales team, etc.)

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