CANDDi Tracker event subscriptions are a mechanism for onsite JavaScript to monitor the internal happenings within the CANDDi Tracker. This is useful for enabling third-party JavaScript to react based on the data or activities being tracked, for example: firing a Google Analytics conversion if the CANDDi Capture has been completed.

NOTE: This requires tracker version 11.1.0 or above (released October 2015).

To do this, register a call-back function (and the type of event to listen to, see §3 for a list of types). Note the Type is case-sensitive so is not same as Track.Download.

canEvents = canEvents || [];
_canEvents.push(`"",function(){alert("Download Tracker")});


Each time a download occurs then the call-back function will be executed (and in this instance an alert will be raised on screen).

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