This article will take you through how to integrate CANDDi with Constant Contact.

First, create your email or template as normal within Constant Contact. When you add links into the email then follow the instructions found here for dynamic links.

Now, click on the Insert Link button. You will need to create the Constant Contact tracking code using the CANDDi Email Integration wizard. The code will look something like:


Insert this into the Insert Link box (NOTE: it is CRITICAL that you 'untick' the 'Track Link' check box - CANDDi and Constant Contact ONLY allow tracking by one system - so you can choose Constant Contact Tracking OR CANDDi tracking - hence the need to untick the box).

Repeat this for all links in your document.

Remember to send a test email to CANDDi and we'll confirm that all is working. When sending a test email, Constant Contact will pick random data to send to the test email receiver, however when the campaign is sent out the data will be amended to the correct data you input.

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