This document discusses how to use CANDDi with the Copernica platform

NOTE Copernica platform is highly customisable and so CANDDi cannot provide a preformatted integration as we can with other platforms.  This FAQ has been based on the information on[](

Creating a link that CANDDi will track (worked example)

When adding a link from your outbound mail in Copernica it must be structured so that the database fields in Copernica and matched to the correct items in the query string in CANDDi.

To send out a link to, linked to with the words "Visit our new website", which would automatically bring the First Name, Last Name and Email Address that Copernica knew about a contact through into CANDDi which clicked a link must be correctly formatted and inserted into your Copernica email, like so.

<a href="{$**EmailAddress**}&cfn={$**FirstName**}&cln={$**Last_Name**}">Visit our new website</a>

You must replace the bold text with your own database field names from Copernica.  To identify these fieldnames see

Copernica should now automatically introduce the correct parameters when you send the email.  We strongly recommend that you test this before using it for your live campaigns.  Also see the section "Oop, link does not work" on

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