Your dashboard is the part of CANDDi you’ll use the most day-to-day. There are lots of little bits to it and this article might be able to help you learn all the tricks to get the most out of CANDDi for your business.

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CANDDi CRM plugin

CANDDi salesforce plugin repositioning

How do I switch between dashboards?

How to add websites to your CANDDi dashboard

What does ‘Count: Company name’ mean in the export?

How to select contacts?

Searching for specific contacts in CANDDi

How can I add or alter contact profile information?

Merging contacts

People appearing more than once in CANDDi

Why are there multiple contacts with the same company?

Updating contacts in bulk

How to delete incorrect data from CANDDi

Merged contacts

What are CANDDi Sessions?

How to hide activities in a profile

What is an activity?

How do I change an individual contact from Prospect to Converted?

What information can I find in a contact view?

How to assign Contact to another CANDDi user

How can I see the leads assigned to a particular user?

Why does CANDDi say a contact is ‘Assigned to (user not found)’.

What does the blue pen icon means in the activity view of a visitor profile?

How to stop users getting an email every time a visitor is assigned
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