Short Version:

We don't own/share/sell your data to anyone
We’re really on the ball with data protection laws and security
We store any data we're processing within the EU on secure servers.

Long Version:

Data Protection

CANDDi complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all EU data management legislation.  CANDDi is a Data Processor (we manage your data on your behalf however the data remains the property of your company)

We hold all data and backups on Amazon Web Services servers hosted in Dublin.

We run all our servers as Amazon EC2 instances (again all within the EU) and we keep these servers patched and up-to date with relevant security patches.

We don't schedule data cleanups, but if your account is deleted all data will be lost (unless you export it), and we can always scrub/delete data on request.

Data sharing

You can read our privacy policy on

In a nutshell (and this doesn't replace the privacy page), CANDDi does not share and will never share any personal identifiable data between our customers.

We comply with all laws which protect our customers and their data. 

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