CANDDi supports different user levels: Sales People, Users and Admins. This article describes the different functionality available at each level.

In order to change a user's permissions/levels, Administrators should head to Settings --> Users on the top menu

1. Sales People
The salesperson level is the lowest user level.

Users who are Sales People can only see contacts/streams which have been explicitly shared with them.

Companies use "Sales People" users so that they can assign contacts and so that the user can get notifications about returning visitors. However, they don't want the Sales People seeing all the contacts in CANDDi.

2. Users
The User level has access to all contacts in CANDDi. They can create new streams and add any triggers to these streams.

3. Admins
Admins can "administer" the CANDDi platform. They have all the functionality of Users, and they can add new users and change the settings on the tracker.

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