The CANDDi Tracker JavaScript is designed to have as little impact on your website as possible.  When you include your tracker code we will make a call back to CANDDi and as much as possible we will then perform loads and calls asynchronously in the background.

Google Page Speed Insights:

Using a tool like Google Page Speed Insights can give some excellent pointers on how to improve the speed of your site and what is actually causing problems.  We're confident that CANDDi will not show in the "Things that could improve" list other than with a few cases (below - all explainable and of little to no real impact).

CANDDi has a couple of items which will be listed as requiring "Leverage browser caching".  These items have a cache timeout of 30minutes because they should not be treated as "good data" for longer than 30 minutes.  They are both very small and will have no noticeable affect on your load time.

Pingdom Speed Test:

Pingdom Speed Test is an excellent way of monitoring your site for unforeseen increases in the speed of your page but due to it's methodology for testing has causes some CANDDi customers to think that CANDDi is greatly slowing their sites down (erroneously).  The problem is that Pingdom waits until every last thing on your site has been loaded, and the CANDDi Flash Cookie is not loaded until late in the process and then only if needed.  This results in the load time of the page can look like CANDDi is having an impact, however this is not the case.  Whilst the page is loading the Flash Cookie in the background you site is available and responsive to users.  Adding CANDDi to your site will make little real world impact to the speed of your site.

Advanced CANDDi Tracker Configuration:

If needed, CANDDi can be configured to only transmit data back after the page's onLoad event is triggered. This is not required in the majority of situations but can be requested by contacting Support.  Ask us to turn on "Transmission Delay".  The trade off here is that because we delay sending back information about your user we will not track quite as many actions (the loss is minimal).

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