Customer request: We'd like to add CANDDi tracker to all our pages - however we don't want CANDDi to track certain pieces of data (for example credit card numbers or password fields)


By default CANDDi captures all the information which a User types into your website.  However CANDDi doesn't pickup password <input type="password"> fields

In addition to this you can tell CANDDi not to track data on a per-page or per field basis

Don’t track ANY fields on a form-

In order to tell CANDDi to avoid tracking ANY fields on a page - please add the following JavaScript immediately above the code to load the CANDDi tracker (the script you paste in above).


window.canSet = (window.canSet || {});

window.canSet.feature = (window.canSet.feature || {});

window.canSet.feature.forms = "hollow";


Don’t track a specific field-

To skip the data from individual fields – please add the “data-cdnt”=true tag to the fields which you DO NOT wish to track


<input type="text" name="notSeen1" data-cdnt="”true”">

CANDDi will parse the data and ignore any such fields.

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