If you’d like to add CANDDi tracker to all our pages but you don't want CANDDi to track certain pieces of data (like credit card numbers or password fields), then you’re in the right place.

By default CANDDi captures all the information that a User types into your website. However CANDDi doesn't pickup password <input type="password"> fields. In addition to this you can tell CANDDi not to track data on a per-page or per field basis

In order to tell CANDDi to avoid tracking ANY fields on a page, please add the following JavaScript immediately above the code to load the CANDDi tracker (the script you paste in above).

window.canSet = (window.canSet || {});
window.canSet.feature = (window.canSet.feature || {});
window.canSet.feature.forms = "hollow";

To skip the data from individual fields please add the “data-cdnt”=true tag to the fields that you DO NOT wish to track, for example:

<input type="text" name="notSeen1" data-cdnt="”true”">

CANDDi will parse the data and ignore any such fields.

Have more questions? Contact us at hello@canddi.com or 0161 414 1080
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