Due to the CANDDi and eShot full integration, this article is now out of date and replaced with https://support.canddi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/226621267


This document discusses how to use CANDDi with the e-shot Email marketing platform

CANDDi tracks click throughs from an outbound email marketing campaign (so when you create links in this email it's important to create CANDDi tracked links)

Login to your e-shot console and go to the Message Studio (http://console.e-shot.net/esMessageStudio.aspx"" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-link">http://console.e-shot.net/esMessageStudio.aspx)

Create your HTML email (as normal)

When you come to add a link (for example http://yoursite.com/email-landing-page) click the "Manage Links" on the Right hand side

     (note if you have any existing links defined then you will have to edit these as well to add the CANDDi tracking to them)

Within the Links Manager either choose "Edit Link" (for an existing Link) or "Add new Link" (for a new one)

Now (when adding the Link URL) head to the CANDDi dashboard and go to "Actions" -> "Create Tracking URL"

5.1 Select e-shot from the drop down list

5.2 Enter the URL of the webpage that you want your link to lead to

5.3 Click the green Generate code button. CANDDi automatically inserts the correct e-shot merge tags and produces a "CANDDi Tracking link".

5.4 Copy this link and paste it in to the Link URL for e-Shot.  

When e-Shot send your email then they will replace all the merge fields with the apropriate parameters for each recipient.

When the recipient clicks through the link then CANDDi will identify them within your dashboard

Whilst in e-shot you will also want to add Google Analytics to your email campaign. As when these are enabled we can track who has come through a specific campaign and also you can create streams on specific email campaigns.


You will need to find this page in message studio and make sure that the Google Analytics section is filled in:


- This will be e-shot


- This will be Email


- This will be whatever the email will be called eg: June Newsletter

Please remember what you called this so that you can create streams based on this.

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