If you have received a notification saying someone filled in your enquiry form but you can't find them within CANDDi, here are some reasons why this might be:

There are two people associated with one profile. If two (or more) people have used the same computer, CANDDi will add the new information to the same profile. You can see a black folded page icon on any contact where we have gathered multiples of any data, e.g. two different company names.

Someone entered the wrong data, for example: @hotmailcom instead of @hotmail.com. CANDDi will not pick this up as a form submission and therefore will not appear in the 'Identified Visitors' stream.

If the person has tracking turned off then we will not pick them up. CANDDi respects the privacy of those who do not want to be tracked and we will not attempt to track them. This could happen because someone is not running javascript in their browser, or if someone has opted out of being tracked, or is using a tracking blocker.

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