This guide describes how to set-up Salesforce to use ‘find visitors’ within CANDDi. Follow the steps below:

Enter Setup.

Select Leads or Contacts. The process is identical for either - both of these can have a CANDDi button / link.

Select App Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Buttons Links and Actions, then click ‘New button or link’.

Now, configure the new link as follows:
Enter Label and Name (Search CANDDi) and if required a description
Select Detail Page Button, and Detail Page Link
Select Open in new window
Enter the following into the text area: https://[YourAccountURL]{!Lead.Email} (If you wish to use this on a Contact then enter {!Contact.Email}
Click Save

The Link (or button) is now available but won't be visible until it’s added onto the page layout.

To add the button or link to the Page Layout, follow these steps:
Select Page Layout (Customize, Leads, Page Layout)
Select Buttons then the custom button created above (Search CANDDi)
Drag this down to the custom button bar
Press Save

This will now be available for all users.

To confirm this works, visit any lead (or Contact if you've added it to Contacts) and click the ‘Search CANDDi’ button - a new window will open with the Search results.

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