What are first and third party cookies?

There are two kinds of cookies: first party and third party.

First party cookies are put on a machine by the visited website, and they mean data is stored directly by the website, which allows for useful processes like remembering a language settings, a shopping basket, and other changeable preferences. They allow the website owner to collect website analytics and perform functions to make for a better user experience. These cookies are generally regarded as a good thing.

Third party cookies are put on a device by someone other than the visited site and they can be read on multiple websites. They are used for cross-site tracking, advertising and re-targeted ads; this is why a user might see an advert on one website for something they were looking at on a previous site.

What kind does CANDDi use?

CANDDi only uses first-party cookies. Information on users is not shared between companies using the software, ever. If someone visits Company A and then Company B, both of which are using CANDDi, that visitor will have one profile for each company, with no way for the one company to access the site activity on another.

Clear Code provide a thorough explanation of first and third party cookies, here, and ICO have a useful guide here.

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