There may be the odd time you’ve sent an email, certain it has either been opened or that a link has been followed but the activity has failed to show up in your CANDDi panel. There are typically one of two reasons as to why this might happen.

CANDDi is in most cases able to track an email by use of a hidden 1x1 tracking pixel. This is simply code inserted into a custom or third-party that makes a server call and returns a transparent 1x1 image (as is industry standard).

Using this relies on the clients own firewalls and whether or not they allow client images to be sent through - if they do not, this can in cases affect whether or not you’re able to view an opened/tracked email.

In order for us to cut down on duplicated or invalid results, we do not record an email being opened if it has come from behind the same IP and Browser as the sender. This is only really pertinent to emails sent to recipients internally or within the same building.

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