For Gold-Vision's email campaign system to work well with CANDDi, you need to let your Account Developer know you wish to send a campaign via Gold-Vision as there is a small adjustment we need to make to your CANDDi Dashboard.

Next, create the CANDDi email integration code as usual and insert them into your email. You need to say yes to Google Analytics and complete the fields for Campaign Medium i.e. Email, Campaign Source e.g. GoldVision and Campaign Name e.g. NewsletterDec2015.

Now run the campaign as normal from Gold-Vision Connect. Select the ‘Include contact info in links’ button on the Send tab. This adds the name tags in Gold Vision format to each link.

Before sending out a full campaign, we highly recommend you send a test campaign to your Account Developer.

If you encounter any problems, please speak with your Account Developer.

Have more questions? Contact us at or 0161 414 1080
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