If you want to see everyone who has been to your contact page; everyone who has completed an enquiry form; or everyone who has passed the first step in your 3 steps registration process, CANDDi makes this easier with the Site tagging settings.

You can access it from two locations:

Using the settings drop down list then clicking on the Site Tagging - Individual settings option.

Or from the activity view in a visitor profile (clicking on the blue pen icon next to a URL)

If you are coming from the Setting > Site Tagging - Individual menu then you will need to input the URL you want to tag in the search box. If you are coming from a click on the activity view in a profile then the URL will be pre-filled.

Choose the ‘Tags’ tab, then ‘Add Tag’ and type in the name of the tag. Click the green tick button to the right afterwards.

Once saved, all the new visitors to that page will have the tag added to their profile. You can then create streams based on visitors having (or not having) visited these pages.

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