Not sure what Lead Score is? This FAQ gives you the answer.

If you would like to configure the Lead Grade on CANDDi, you can either get in touch with your account manager, or you can choose to optimize it yourself. In which case, you will need to head to the Lead Grade Setting under Settings options on the top bar in the CANDDi dashboard.


Once in the Lead Grade Settings, there are a few things for you to fill in to configure the grading system.

At the top, you get a guide to how Lead Score affects Lead Grade and below you can set those parameters accordingly.

You can choose to give points to contacts that belong to a particular stream as in the example above. There are 2 ways how you can add additional points to a contact, either by incrementing or by setting the value.

Below you then choose which data you find more important and how many points it's worth.

Once you have set everything the way you like, click save and Lead Grade will update and save.

If you need any help optimizing Lead Grade, feel free to reach out to your consultant or drop us an email on

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