To begin with, you can always speak to your Account Developer to help you set up your Lead Scoring just call in on 0161 414 1080.

Alternatively, you need to decide what things an interesting prospect might do on your website, as opposed to an uninteresting visitor.

For example, your prospects might:
Visit your ‘Services’, ‘Contact’ or ‘Testimonials’ page
View more than 2 pages in one browsing session
Fill in an enquiry form

While your timewasters might:
Hang about only on your blog/resources
View one page and then leave (especially if they came from email marketing)
Not spend much time on your site

Bear in mind, these timewasters may well become prospects in the future, if they start browsing more actively, so it doesn’t mean they’re useless.

To configure this, you need to allocate points to the interesting activities.

You can find Lead Scoring Configuration under the Settings menu on the top bar of your Dashboard.

To begin with, choose pages your prospects will be visiting in this section:

If your website has plenty of resources like a blog, maybe make points-per-page low, since some people will come to see your new blog posts before becoming an interested prospect.

I would suggest the following:

Add the pages you most value in, as follows. You can put whole URLs in, separated by a bar "|" but I recommend just the part of the URL that distinguishes it.

Then set the Decay for the length of time you think your prospect should count as ‘hot’: if you set it for two weeks, for example, then two weeks after a prospect's visit they will have half the Lead Score they got when they visited.

Make sure you save each section, and set the colour bar to your preference!

Once you've saved this, it will not update existing contacts in the dashboard with a new Lead Score, but will give the correct score to any visitors from that point onwards. Within a few days, anyone who has returned or visited for the first time should have updated with their new scores.

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