If you want to see who has visited a page in the last month, you'll need to do three things:

1) Create a tag which expires after 30 days

2) Add the tag to the page in the site dashboard

3) Make a stream to see the visitors with the tag


Create an expiring tag

Go to the "Tags Management" in the settings page.

Select "New Tag" to the right top corner

Name your tag (remember, instead of spaces use ; hence a name would be Last30_days instead of Last 30 days)

Then find your new tag in the list below, and choose its expiry - for 30 days, choose "other", and 2592000 seconds. (Sorry... )

Hit enter which will put the expiry on the tag and it will save it as well.

Then refresh the dashboard, to make sure the tag is updated

Now add this tag to your page

Go to the "Site Tagging - Individual"

Paste the URL you are wanting to tag to the search bar on the page and hit enter to find it faster.

When you page comes on the top of the list, click the edit page button.

Select the Tags tab, then the Add Tag below.

Then in Select an option type the name of your newly created tag and click the blue button at the right hand side of the page and then Update Page.


Now your contacts who visit the page will be tagged, and will remain tagged for 30days after they last went to the page.

You can then make a stream to show everyone with this tag at any one time.

Create Stream

Choose Contact, Tags, With the selected tag, yourtag

(If you don't see your tag in the dropdown, refresh the page and try again)

Then click "Add rule below" (you can then add other rules, e.g. if you want to only show the visitors who also have the tag "Identified")

Once you've added all the rules you want, click "Save and Continue"

Then choose the name of the stream, and create/add it to a Group (or 'dropdown') to organise your streams.

Now save it, and you're done - refresh to see the results :)

At first, it may tag everyone who has visited the page EVER, so the first 30 days might not be the numbers you're looking for. Contact us if you're seeing this and we'll explain what to expect! Call 0161 414 1080 or email help@canddi.com

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