Tagging form submissions allows you to stream everyone who has completed an enquiry form into your ‘enquired’ stream. If you have a new form on your website, we may not have tagged it up yet, in which case let us know and we can do it for you.

You can find the form submission in the Activities section of an individual visitor profile, by clicking on the blue pencil (as below).

This will take you to the Tags Dashboard, with the form submission selected. Check that it says ‘form submission’ under Page Title as below.

The process is then as follows:
Choose the ‘Tags’ tab
Select ‘Add Tag’
Select from drop down list or simply write in enquired
Click the blue pencil to add the tag
Update page button will now add the tag to the page

Now all the visitors who have filled in this form will appear in your ‘Enquired’ stream.

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