CANDDi will try and map the information it receives from the pages on your site with a set of known data types, such as First Name, City or Email Address.  With this information, CANDDi can make smarter decisions and be more useful to you.

Sometimes CANDDi needs some help understand what sort of data your website is using, and will need you to explain what each piece is.  If you have any pages or forms which are not being decoded properly, you will have a notification in your nightly summary email.  Follow the link in the email, or navigate to "Site Tagging - Individual" through the Settings on your dashboard.

Which pages need "coding up":

When viewing the Site Tagging - Individual, you will see a header which shows a count of all the undecoded forms or pages.  Click "Show page/form(s)" and you will be shown a filtered list.

Coding up a page:

Click on the edit page to show the Page. It will come up with a view where you will have 4 tabs - Page Settings, Tags, Fields, Widgets. Choose Fields. There will be a list of each of the data items that CANDDi needs help decoding.  For each field shown please set the Input Type to a value from the drop down list.

You must provide a value for each field shown
If there is not a CANDDi data type choose Ignore
CANDDi will try to show you sample data for each field but this is not always possible
Once you have set a value for each field click "Update Page"


When you save a page with new field information, CANDDi will reprocess all data held about this page.  This may not be an instant process and CANDDi will alert you (with a green notification bar near the top of your screen) once complete.

If you have any difficulties with any of this, please contact[

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