Streams and Tags are two hugely beneficial features of CANDDi that enable you to filter and identify the most relevant visitors to your website. When working in tandem it's a sure fire way to generate more leads.

Tags are used to record when a visitor has visited a specific page on your website or carried out a specific action.

This could work when you have a particular high value product on your site, that once a visitor has viewed you want to highlight them specifically in CANDDi. Or, if you have case studies on your website that, once viewed, indicate buyers intent, you'll want to make sure they're differentiated from the rest of your general traffic.

Think of streams like filters. We can set an almost unlimited number or parameters on a stream in order to filter out a specific portion of your visitors, depending on whatever criteria you want to see.

This could be visitors who have come to your website from an email campaign, and have returned to the website more than once. Alternatively, it could be people who are based in Manchester, spent more than 2 minutes on the site and have viewed a case study of yours - the options are limitless.

So thinking logically, once you have applied a tag based on someone viewing a certain page this becomes a parameter used in order to stream them within CANDDi. You can then add additional rules such as, only seeing visitors with a company name or email address etc.

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