Think about how you typically save records within your CRM. Invariably, we'll have records categorised as Client/Account, Lead/Opportunity, Lost Opportunities, Ex-Client, etc. We will then have contact details for any individuals belonging to those records, as well as whoever might own or created that record.

All we're essentially doing is re-processing that information as a ‘tag’ within CANDDi. Check the image below as a guide to how it works.

Once that upload has been made into CANDDi.Link, we're then able to stream users based on their auto-assigned tags. As an example, see the image below.

As you can see from the box on the left, we're able to filter through all of the visitors you have identified in CANDDi with matching information (more specifically email addresses) within your CRM. We can then define whether this visitor is an existing customer, as Hannah in the example above is (see the second box on the right).

Considering the alternative, there are all of these visitors you already have knowledge of and can track the activity of through streaming and so on. We are then able to filter any of the identified visitors who ARE NOT logged in your CRM, highlighting all of the potential opportunities you could be missing out on! You can do that by having a rule in your identified stream or a new stream if you were to build one that excludes contacts with the tag ‘canddi_link’.

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