The CANDDi Outlook plugin is designed so that CANDDi can capture the opt-in identity of visitors who click through emails sent via Outlook 

When the plugin is installed then all the end user (sender) needs to do is to paste links into the body of their emails and the plugin will take care of the rest

This FAQ describes how this tracking works and what parameters are added

How it works

When the User presses send then the CANDDi plugin first checks for the number of recipients.  If there is more than one recipient (or more than one in cc) then the plugin doesn't add any tracking as it's impossible for CANDDi to know which recipient clicked the link, therefore the plugin simply passes the email back to Outlook to send.

Assuming there is only one recipient then the Plugin scans the body of the email looking for any "urls".  These are identified by regex matching.

If any URL's are identified then the Plugin will convert these (if they're not already) into HTML links

The Plugin will add the following parameters to the link href

  ce_b4   - encrypted version of the recipient's email address

  cas_b4 - encrypted version of the sender's email address

  utm_medium - Email

  utm_source - Outlook 

The Plugin then passes back to Outlook to send

The Plugin NEVER communicates with CANDDi directly and works completely stand-alone (offline).  The only time that a visitor is tracked is if they click through the link and land on the CANDDi website

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