Sorting the data within CANDDi is a brilliant way of segmenting data, organising it, and separating out exactly what you want to see. But when you’ve got loads of streams, it’s really difficult to keep on top of them all. A perfect way of streamlining them is by creating Groups.

There are three ways of doing this, here’s how:

NOTE: the first two methods will create Stream Groups just for you. The third method will create / edit Stream Groups for all CANDDi users.

When you’re creating a new stream, once you’ve added the rules you want, click on ‘Preview & Save’.

Here you can create a new group name, or select a group name from a list that you’ve already created. Note: A stream can be part of one or more Groups, and by default, all Streams will appear in the ‘All’ Group. Also to add the group name to the list, instead of hitting enter, you need to press ‘,’.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Save Stream & Continue’ on the left hand side you’ll see the Stream Groups.

When editing an existing stream, click on the drop-down list within the stream you wish to edit, then click on edit stream. You can create a new Group Name, or double click to choose from existing Group Names. Click Save, and you’re done!

If you’re going via the Streams Dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ and select ‘Streams Dashboard’.

Find your stream, click the action button and edit information. In the group section, you can then add an already existing group or create a new one.

Click save for all users and job done!

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