Assigning a Contact to another CANDDi User enables that user to get automatically notified when this Contact returns or performs interesting activity on your site

Assigning is different to Sharing. Assigning ‘assigns’ this Contact to a specific CANDDi User. The User gets a notification and also gets notified each time that the assigned Contact returns to the site. Sharing sends a copy of the contact profile and a message to any email address.

First, click on the profile of the Contact you wish to Assign, and then on the ‘assign’ widget.

Select a CANDDi User from the drop down (and press ‘Assign Contact’)

You can also select ‘Assign to me’ if you wish to assign the contact to yourself.

The Contact will be assigned to the appropriate User. The User will receive an email notification that this Contact has been assigned to them and the Contact will appear in the Assigned stream for this User

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