If your company logo is white, then you will need to add a coloured background so that it's viewable. Below are the steps on how to do this.

Once you have uploaded your company logo and clicked save and it's white you will need to do the following:

In the Settings on CANDDi.download, under the View Design section, find ' <div class="navbar-header" ' (you can do it manually or by pressings ctrl-F on windows computer or cmd-F on Mac to bring up a search tool in right top corner of the browser where you can copy the phrase you need to look for, it should highlight it on the page):

Then insert: style="background-colour:#000'> after it.

(#000 will add a black background, if you want a different colour then please enter the correct hex code)

After this, you will need to repeat the process (number 2 and 3) in the section below that says Redirect Design:

Finally, click 'Save' and your logo will show up with a black background.

If you need any more help please contact support on 0161 414 1080 or help@canddi.com

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