From your dashboard, click the ‘Identify’ tab and select ‘CANDDi Capture’.

You will then see a tab on the top left-hand side of the screen which says ‘+ new capture’. Select this tab.

Creating the Question
First, you have to set your question. Input your question into the ‘question’ field. This will be seen by visitors. Try to make it as concise as possible.

Next, you need to choose your type of answer.

Questions are available with 3 varieties of answers. Choose the one you want from the drop-down list and click ‘submit’.

Now, you have to give your capture an internal name and add your answers.

Once a ‘Question’ has been created, it cannot be changed. You can change the answer type by going back to the previous page and starting the process again.

You can also name your Capture, eg. ‘Main enquiry form’ or ‘subscribe form’ or even ‘Christmas offer call out’, so your staff can find it quickly in your system. Another thing you will notice is that the capture is already colour coded to the way your website looks. However, if you wish to tinker with it (someone with CSS skills will be able to do that), you can go into Settings > Capture Settings > find your desired capture by its name and then alter it from there.

For the specific answers, use the setup boxes to configure your question answers or pre-populated text. Single and multi-choice questions will need answers. Type them in the ‘Answer’ field and then hit enter!

Where should it appear?
You need to decide which fields you require people to fill out. We recommend only choosing two out of the three options.

Then, you can set what page(s) the capture will appear on; what the delay will be, if any; and its priority.

The image below shows how to do this.

The first section is where you want the Capture to show. If you leave the URL field blank, CANDDi capture will show on every page.

Some people prefer that the Capture not appear immediately. You can set a short delay if you’d rather have it show once someone has been on a particular page for a certain amount of time.

If you have more than one capture, for example: one that appears on every page, and one that appears on a specific page, then this will come in handy. You can set the numbers in such a way that the generic capture is lower in priority than the specific one, so on the page with a separate Capture, the generic will not show. By default, the priority is set to 5. A high number will set a high priority.

Who do you want to answer the questions?
You can choose for the question to appear only to specific visitors if they are part of a specific stream. Click ‘add stream’ and select which one you wish to associate this question with from the drop-down menu. You can add one or more streams.

To show a question to all visitors, associate the stream with the ‘Last Visitors’ stream.

Click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

And that's it! All that’s left is to click the ‘save’ button and your new Capture is ready to go. If you go back to your list of Captures, you will find it there under the internal capture name.

Should you decide you no longer need a specific capture, click the ‘Actions’ button and in the drop-down menu select delete. This will permanently delete the capture.

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