Whilst you wait for your visitors to become fully identified on CANDDi via the Capture forms, 1-2-1 email Plugin or an Email Campaign click-through, you can still use all of the leads provided by the the Company Identified stream for prospecting within CANDDi. But what is the best way to prospect these leads?

Personally, I would break it down into three steps and make full use of the three buttons in the Contact Info section of the visitor profile screen (see below). These buttons take away the hard work of typing!

1) DueDil:

Clicking on the DueDil button (above) will take you to the Due Diligence website (https://www.duedil.com/search/companies) and automatically search for the company name found via the reverse IP Lookup function within CANDDi. Usually the company at the top of the list in DueDil is the correct one. Clicking on this top record will take you to the DueDil page and provide you with the company's address, phone number and website etc.

2) Google:

Clicking on the Google button (above) will take you to the Google search website (https://www.google.co.uk) and automatically search for the company name found via the reverse IP Lookup function within CANDDi. Usually, the company at the top of Google is the correct one but you may want to compare this with the info from DueDil. Once you are on their website, you would want to a) get a name for someone who is likely to want your product/service and b) get an email address and/or phone number (if not on DueDil already) for the person you think may have been on your website. Maybe call the company and ask them for the email address for the person who deals with "x". Once you have their name and email address you can send them a tracked email from Outlook/Gmail/Thunderbird and when they click through a link, we will identify them and can confirm if it was their machine that visited in the first place (their previously anonymous profile would become Identified and name, email address etc., would get completed on CANDDi automatically). If it was not them, another profile would appear in CANDDi but this will be Identified. Maybe it was their colleague?? Maybe they visited via their smartphone originally but now they are looking at your email on their laptop/desktop? Once you have an email address, it is worth ensuring it goes into your email campaign list for Newsletters, Blog, New products/service announcements etc. Make a list of your new contact's email addresses (a spreadsheet of name, company & email address) and pass these on to the person who sends out your company's email campaigns (if you don't have a CRM system).

3) Linked-In:

Clicking on the Linked-In button (above) will take you to Linked-In's (https://www.linkedin.com) Advanced Search box and automatically search for the company name found via the reverse IP Lookup function within CANDDi. A selection of possible contacts will then appear, you can refine this further by selecting only the Current people working at the company and even entering the job Title of the person you usually try to speak with e.g. Facilities Manager, Director etc. It is likely (but not guaranteed at this stage) that one of these named contacts is the person who visited your website, so why not connect with the one who it is most likely to be? You may want to use this "Linked-In" technique together with DueDil and Google. More information on the Linked-In technique can be found here:


Once your visitor has been Identified, it means you do not have to prospect, so encourage your marketing department to send out frequent email campaigns, set up CANDDi Captures and make sure you use the 1-2-1 email plugin after a call to either an existing client or a prospect.

Speak to you CANDDi Account Developer if you need more help or require assistance with prospecting but remember, we can't do the prospecting for you.

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