Usually when you download and run the Outlook Plugin from, it will require a CANDDi login the first time you reopen Outlook after installation.

If you don't want to log in (e.g. if you don't have a CANDDi user account), you can disable the login function before installing the plugin. In this case, follow these steps for installation:

Run StopLogin; you will need to 'allow' it to make changes to the registry.
Download the plugin from here.
Run the downloaded file, then close Outlook and reopen it. (If you get an error saying something about VSTO, please see contact your account manager.)
You should now be able to see the CANDDi Enabled/Disabled box when you are creating an email in Outlook, as shown here: 'How do I know the Outlook Plugin Is Working?'.

If you want to re-enable the login prompt, please run StartLogin.

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