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If you use Thunderbird and want to download the CANDDi plugin to track your one-to-one email links, read on.

Download the plugin

1. In your browser, go to: canddi.to/thunderbird

2. This will download the add-on, now save it to your desktop/somewhere you can find it.

Add to Thunderbird

3. Once you've downloaded it to your desktop, go to the menu within Thunderbird and choose Add-ons.

4. Then go to the menu button and select "choose add-ons from file", find the file on your desktop, and select it.

5. Install it:

6.You should now be able to see it in your add-ons section as below:

Restart your Thunderbird and send a test email

7. Once restarted, you should be able to see the CANDDi plugin active in your add-ons section.

NOTE! If you see an error message like this, you need to:

Click "continue in safe mode"

Then go to File, Exit, and close Thunderbird properly.

When you restart again, you should not get this error message, you should be able to see the add-in as above, and you can now send your test email.

8. Send an email with a link in to test it's working - to your account manager or to help@canddi.com!

Is it working correctly?

You should be able to see it enabled in the top right of your message screen. If you click on it and open the settings, they should be configured as below:

NOTE: it may not work if you put capital letters in these boxes. If it's not working, try all lowercase?

Now it should automatically track all your one-to-one emails, so that if prospects click through you can see what they are doing on the website!

Feel free to drop us an email any time and we'll check for you :)

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If you need anything, feel free to contact us on 0161 414 1080 or email help@canddi.com!

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