The updated CANDDi Gmail Plugin allows users within Gmail to see when a recipient has opened your email or clicked on a link you have sent with our CANDDi side panel. It also allows you to track and auto-assign visitors as before.

First off, if you haven’t already you need to download the CANDDi plugin for Chrome.

Installation Instructions:
Add the CANDDi Chrome Extension (download here)
Restart Chrome
You will have to sign in using your CANDDi username and password (only the first time)

You should now have the plug-in symbol next to your URL bar as circled above. The Gmail plugin will ONLY work when sending emails to ONE recipient. If you use "BCC me for Gmail" for your CRM records, this will continue to work with CANDDi tracking.

Be sure to send a test email to your account manager first!

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