The CANDDi Outlook Plugin allows users to track and auto-assign visitors; and see when a recipient has opened your email or clicked on any links you have included, all within the CANDDi side panel.

If you're a Sys-Admin then this can be added in a group policy - please contact us for more information. As a general rule, the plugin WILL ONLY WORK for Outlook 2010 onwards, however if you’re unsure, contact your CANDDi account manager.

Download the CANDDi Plugin from the following URL: - (If you're running an older machine or have a 32-bit machine download this version).
This is a .msi file so you'll have to click ok/accept within chrome/internet explorer.
Once the file has downloaded, double click to run and install it.
Restart outlook.

The Outlook plugin will ONLY work when sending emails to ONE recipient.

Be sure to send a test email to to make sure you’re on track!

Have more questions? Contact us at or 0161 414 1080
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