CANDDi integrates with almost all email platforms. Where possible we have written integration instructions for specific platforms (see the other topics in this forum), however if you happen to use an email platform which we haven't yet come across then this document provides the generic instructions.

In order to integrate with CANDDi your mail platform needs the ability to send personalised emails to each individual recipient. Almost all email platforms support this. However, this functionality has different names in different platforms: ‘Merge Tags’, ‘Merge Fields’, ‘Personalisation’ are just some of the terms that we've come across.

CANDDi integrates by creating 'individual URL links' for each visitor.

CANDDi supports the following fields:
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Company Name
Phone Number

Identify the ‘tags’ used by your mail platform (Example some platforms use @Email@ for Email Address, other platforms use |EmailAddress| etc..)
For every link in your email you need to create a "CANDDi Integration" URL. This URL should look like this:

[http://YOUR_URL?ce=[Email][Merge Tag]&cfn=[First Name Merge Tag]&cln=[Last Name Merge Tag]&cc=[Company Merge Tag]&cph=[Phone Number Merge Tag]

When your email is sent then your mail platform will replace these Merge Tags with the correct values. We recommend testing this before you send!

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