Wufoo is an online form builder which makes it very easy to design custom forms for your website. Unfortunately, Wufoo runs within an iFrame, which means that CANDDi does not track these forms out of the box.

This guide looks at how to configure Wufoo so that CANDDi can track the submitted form data.

NOTE: This only works for Wufoo paid users.

Set-up your Wufoo form as normal within their Interface. After configuring the form, click on ‘Form Settings’ and then ‘Confirmation Options’ and ‘Redirect to Website’.

If this isn't set then you need to add a ‘thank you’ page on your website where users will be redirected once they have successfully completed the form. Paste your URL in where it says ‘YOUR URL’ in the picture above. You then need to add some parameters (see Templating Options), and specifically you need to add the same parameters as CANDDi uses for email integration:


The 'api' FIELD_NAME_xx must be precisely as displayed on the Wufoo field (capitalisation is important here). The field name can be found in the Template Tags section.

The fields table contains field title and API ID. The ‘api field name’ is ‘Field’+’API Id’. In the example below, First Name is Field1 and the data for the CANDDi querystring is: cfn={entry:Field1}

You can also get a list of fields from the Wufoo Fields API: Fields API

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