For companies who do outbound email marketing, using CANDDi and MailChimp together is a fantastic way to increase the number of identified visitors to their website.

This document describes how to create unique URLs within your email campaigns. When an email recipient reads the email and decides to click the link to visit your website, then CANDDi can identify them.

MailChimp provides the ability for you to create and manage lists of contacts within your account. You can see these within your lists (

It's important that your lists are accurate and up-to date - the more data you have in these lists, the more CANDDi will be tracking. By default CANDDi takes the ‘Email Address’, ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’.

When you start to create your next newsletter, use your template and enter content as normal.

Note: When you create templates, put in plain links or none at all. Untick the little CANDDi tracking box in the bottom right, and make sure it stays unticked! Otherwise when you track it at the Campaign stage, you may duplicate the tracking.

In order for CANDDi to track visitors from a link within an email, then every link within your email should be a ‘CANDDi Tracking Link’.

You can create these ‘Tracking Links’ using the ‘Create Tracking URL’ wizard, which is under the ‘Actions’ menu in the CANDDi dashboard.

Select Mail Chimp from the drop-down list and enter the URL of the webpage that you want your link to lead to. You can either use CANDDi Google Analytics Tracking or Mailchimp's, but not both.

If you’re using MailChimp, when you get to the ‘Campaign’ stage, tick the box for Google Analytics tracking - see below! Make sure you don't tick both - you will duplicate it and it will mess up!

If you’re doing it in CANDDi, then select ‘Yes’ to add Google Analytics tracking as well (UTM codes). Then, add the Campaign information: Medium = ‘email’, Source = your contact database or client_list or something similar, Name = e.g. August_Newsletter.
NOTE: spaces are not allowed, use underscores

Now, click the green ‘Generate code’ button. CANDDi automatically inserts the correct MailChimp merge tags and produces a ‘CANDDi Tracking link’.

Then, insert the ‘CANDDi Tracking link’ links into your email using the MailChimp ‘Insert Link’.

When you send a preview, or the final campaign, then MailChimp will replace the ‘Merge Tags’ with the relevant values for the personal detail fields for each of your Contacts. When the Contact clicks the link they will be taken to your website and CANDDi will be able to identify them.

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