When CANDDi display's a person's location within the map it is based on 2 things their postcode or their IP address. What it is based on, is also the amount of accuracy it has.

If the profile has a static IP address (company) then the company data will normally be correct and therefore will show the location of the company. However if the company has a registered location of a Head Office yet the person visiting is from a branch, CANDDi will display the Head Office location.

If someone has come on from a dynamic IP address (home) CANDDi will show where the IP address is registered, this will normally be within 0-50 miles from the user.

Coming on from a mobile is hard to distinguish where they have come on from however the country will always be correct. This applies to getting the company name from an email.

Within CANDDi if there are multiple locations CANDDi will show the most frequent but will show the full amount of locations within the profile. This also applies to multiple companies, it will show the location for the company with the most frequent visits.

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