If you are about to attach a document to an email, STOP!

You're about to waste a valuable opportunity; an opportunity to gain visibility, to drive insight, to close more business - every time you send an attachment.

If instead of sending attachments, you track every document your prospects want to see using CANDDi.download, you will get more prospects identified in the dashboard. This means you can see what they do on your website.

That might not seem very important right now - maybe you are in good talks with them, they're very communicative, they're not an interesting prospect. But if down the line, things have changed and they went quiet, got a new budget or expanded, and you can see they're suddenly on the website looking at your premium product, you could give them a call at the perfect time.

If you didn't get them identified, you won't know they're back on your website, and they might go with a luckier competitor who happened to be there at the right time.

Set yourself up for opportunities down the line - track every opportunity!

Here's what you'll need:
Install your email plugin
Get set up on www.canddi.download
Send your document tracked

You'll know when people are engaged, and more importantly, you'll build up valuable visibility for the future!

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