We Create The Account

When you come to set up a new account, you should first email help@canddi.com, giving:

the new account name
the name of the Key User
the URL that needs to be tracked.

Send the client their code

Once this account has been created, you should go to the dashboard, copy the tracking code and send it to the client, to be put in the header or footer of every page of their website.

If you can't find the tracking code, look here._

Now you can set up the account

Once the client has put the code on their website (ASAP), you can check whether the tracking code has been put on all the web pages using this chrome extension.

Check a few pages, make sure you can see the CANDDi logo in the URL bar.

Fill in all the forms on the website, and check that the form details are being pulled through into the CANDDi Dash. (Are you now in the Identified stream? Can you see your email address in the profile? If there are problems, see here or email help@canddi.com)

You can also tag all the forms up at this point. (Tag Forms as Enquired)

Setup and customize your CANDDi capture.

Set up triggers on streams however you like, make sure to make some for the Capture stream - for you and for the Key User, to begin with.

See here for video explanations of the Trigger Dash, and Creating triggers.

This concludes the setup process, please get in touch at help@canddi.com if you are unsure of anything!

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