If you're running Outlook Office 365 on Microsoft Exchange, you may be subscribed to "Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection" package. 

The "Safe Links" feature of the package aims to replace all links from outside servers with several lines of complex code. The intention is to prevent phishing scams. 

However there is a known conflict with ATP and the CANDDi Outlook plugin with forwarded emails. 

If you're forwarding a tracked link email, the end recipient will have the entire CANDDi tracking code stripped from the URL. 

As an example:

A tracked link sent with the Outlook plugin should typically have a landing URL that looks like this:


With ATP installed, a link will look like this:


However once the link is clicked the URL will be completely stripped back to:


Remember this only strips forwarded emails, if you're having any other issues with Outlook plugin tracking please refer to our Outlook Plugin Troubleshooting FAQ or give us a call on 0161 414 1080.

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