Ensure you have restarted Outlook after installing the CANDDi Outlook Plugin. If you have downloaded the CANDDi Outlook Plugin but for one reason or another it doesn't appear to be working properly, there are a few things you can check to be sure you're set up correctly.

First off, 'compose' a new email where you should now see 'CANDDi Enabled' at the top of your email panel. If this is showing up as 'disabled' you can simply click to enable tracking (shown below).

If tracking is definitely on, or the CANDDi settings aren't even showing on a newly composed email you'll need to check your plug-ins on Outlook as follows.

Head to: File > Options > Add ins.

You should see the 'CANDDI for Outlook' add in here. This signifies the plugin is installed and active.

If the Plugin doesn't show up on this screen, you'll want to click the 'Manage' drop down on the screen and then select 'disabled' followed by the 'Go' button.

You will then see the above pop up (above) with all of the disabled Add ins on your Outlook. If 'CANDDI for Outlook' does show up in here, simply highlight it and click 'enable'.

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