To ensure compliance with GDPR legislation Campaign and Digital Intelligence Limited (CANDDi) recommend review and consideration be taken to the below:

Cookie Banner - It is a requirement to inform the visitor to a website in a ‘clear and unambiguous way’ that Cookies are being used on the website. This has to be easy for the user to revoke or change.

Cookie Statement - Should a compliance question or issue arise, additional scrutiny will be placed on contents of cookie policy/statements. The existence of such policy, clearly explaining the description and purpose of the cookies used will assist in proving reasonable care has been taken to obtain freely given, specific and informed consent.

There are several services that provide functionality to satisfy the requirement found in Article 7(3). To assist specifically, with the right to withdraw consent.

Legitimate Interest - If using the legitimate interest principle within your website tracking, it’s advisable to have this on record in your GDPR preparation. This should include the grounds on which this is relevant to your business.

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