In the CANDDi profile, you can get a quick idea where your prospect/client has come from. Whether it was google search, email, AdWords, etc.

Here are all the referrers explained:

Direct - In the absence of another referrer this will be displayed (could be typed directly into address bar/ from forum/ from non-tracked email etc.)

Search - Typically an organic search (from google or other search engines)

Email - Where the visitor has come via a tracked email campaign (where the UTM_medium was = to email)

Google Adwords - Where the visitor has come via Google Adwords

Bing - Where the visitor has some via a Bing Search (typically an organic search)

Social Media - Where the visitor has come via social media (Facebook/ Twitter/ Linkedin automatically set the referrer as Social Media)

[BLANK] - Where no recognised information has been gathered (a more specific referrer source could be within the individual profile)

CPC - Where a paid for search campaign has been personalised (typically within Bing)

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